The Diva of Destiny

Stanger’s sharp-tongued verve may rule among her millionaires, but there is definitely a softer side to this purveyor of dreams. “What most people don’t know about me is that I’m a mushball,” she says. “I’m actually very shy around men.”


Reality TV’s doyenne, millionaire matchmaker Patti Stanger, engages in the ancient art of creating love connections — spinning dreams from coast to coast.


A modern-day cupid with a brash razor-sharp wit, Patti Stanger is an outspoken, international entrepreneur who specializes in the art of matchmaking — but With one proviso — her clients’ net worth must range in the millions. Stanger’s Millionaire’s Club International debuted in 2000 and was later cleverly parlayed into Bravo TV’s on-going hit reality series, The Millionaire Matchmaker, in 2008. “I wanted to create a club where wealthy executives too busy to date could meet intelligent, attractive females in an exclusive environment,” Stanger says. A striking brunette with a passion for fashion and who once aspired to become a screenwriter, Stanger’s celebrity ticket is in high demand. With future projects that include a makeup and clothing line, there is no rest for this savvy dynamo who at 51-years-young, just celebrated her 10th anniversary as spokesperson for the product Sensa and is busy promoting TyKu, a line of low calorie fine wine and spirits monikered, “the elixir of love.” In addition, her new website features no-holds-barred relationship advice, guest chefs, celebrity hosts, fitness and makeover experts.


Raised in Short Hills, NJ, by mom Rhoda, who also delights in creating the perfect coupling, Patti’s first “fix up” was for a friend in 7th grade. “It was pure instinct,” she says. “I just knew who belonged with who.” Still, even with an innate sixth sense that fuels the Millionaire Club’s 99 percent success rate, Stanger has known personal heartache in the dating arena. Engaged to real estate executive Andy Friedman and together for six years, the romance sadly ended in 2010.


Encouraged by her friends to find love again, Stanger tried Internet dating and met current beau 43-year-old David Krausse, a sexy ex-ball player turned mortgage broker 11 years her junior. “There are really no rules when it comes to dating today,” Stanger says. “Older woman are looking great with Botox and other enhancements — and dating younger men. It’s anyone’s game now.”


Not surprisingly, Stanger has always been a progressive thinker in charge of her own destiny. “I believe we are the sole creators of our own movie,” she says. As an alumnus of the University of Miami with a degree in merchandising, Stanger explored careers in New York’s fashion industry after graduating and returned to South Florida in the ’90s to helm Boca Raton’s Great Expectations dating service. Ever since she can remember, South Florida has been in Stanger’s heart. With her mom residing in Sunny Isles, she visits often — as if an excuse is needed. “The ocean air relaxes me — I love the energy — the serene Palm Beaches, The Breakers, key lime pie and Joe’s Stone Crab, she says. “When I return, it always feels like home.”


Back in Los Angeles, the sixth season of Matchmaker, slated to begin Jan. 10, promises big surprises. And who knows? Perhaps Palm Beach is in the show’s future. “The Island is the perfect venue for available millionaires — I’d love to do a shoot there,” she says. “If popularity is any indication, Stanger will soon take the Treasure Coast by storm, doing what she does best — making love connections.”