Scott Diament

Scott Diament has always had a passion for collecting. Even as a young boy he was starting new businesses. “I love finance 7 creating new products and services that can meet clients needs,” he says. As CEO of the Palm Beach Show Group, Diament oversees five art shows annually, all renowned for their diverse collection of top international dealers, exceptional pieces and elegant decor. “We started out with zero events and zero experience, and we are now the largest and most important show organization in our industry,” he says.

A 20-year veteran in the art business, Diament began his career at Provident Jewelry in 1993 and became a graduate gemologist in 1995. He used his time to build relationships Within the industry and soon developed a concept for what would become its flagship show, The Palm Beach Jewelry, Art & Antique Show, one that Islanders anticipate eagerly each February.

Diament recently launched, an international online marketplace where members can View and purchase exquisite treasures 24-hours a day. He also celebrated the opening of a Provident Jewelry store on Worth Avenue and is building a 10-story hotel on Clematis Street.

Scott Diament, Palm Beach Show Group’s dynamic CEO and entrepreneur, continues his success with producing international showcases for art.

Question: What first prompted your interest in collecting jewelry and fine art?

Answer: I have collected coins, stamps and even fossils since I was eight years old. I was always interested in unusual items With storied histories.

Question: Who has been your greatest inspiration?

Answer: My father, who has also collected all his life. He was always trying to find some undiscovered treasure. I have also been inspired by the use of technology to solve human problems.

Question: What is your work philosophy?

Answer: Discover your passion — enjoy it, make it your life and something you’re proud to be doing.

Question: Your shows are renowned for their international clientele. What do you enjoy most about the diversity in your profession?

Answer: The exceptional pieces displayed for sale and the interesting people that sell these items: the dealers, buyers, collectors, art advisors, interior designers and museum curators.

Question: What advice can you offer for women and men starting out in the business world?

Answer: Find a need that is not being filled, come up with a good solution and don’t give up until the world sees that it works and accepts it.

ABOVE: An exquisite Vintage necklace from Kwiat is fashioned with sparkling sapphires and diamonds and finished in 18-karat white gold. Courtesy of Kwiat, New York, NY.

ABOVE: La Moulin Rouge, by French artist Édouard Leon Cortes, (188071969), known for his depictions of Parisian life in the 1900s, is an exquisite oil on canvas. Courtesy of Haynes Fine Art of Broadway, Worcestershire, UK.

RIGHT: A magnificent Louis XVI-style commode inlaid With brass fillets and richly decorated Japanese panels in black lacquer and gold hiramaki-e, circa 1870, was created by Henry Dasson, a renowned Parisian cabinet maker. Courtesy of Butchoff Antiques, London, UK.