Richard Mishaan

Drawing From His International And Fashion Roots, One Renowned Architectural Interior Designer Creates Bold Synergy With Furnishings And Objects From Myriad Eras

Inside the pages of his new book, Artfully Modern, celebrated New York designer and Colombian native Richard Mishaan showcases dozens of eclectic interiors. Mishaan creates glamorous yet comfortable spaces of any scale, from luxurious Miami hotels to Hamptons estates, to the presidential suite at the St. Regis Hotel. In what has become his personalized signature, Mishaan transforms rooms by skillfully layering furnishings and objects from myriad eras—a contemporary fusion style.

A master at creating bespoke decor for high profile clients that include CEO’s of luxury hotel chains and clientele in the fashion, entertainment and real estate industries, Mishaan’s book also reveals how his style aesthetic can easily be adapted to any sized dwelling.