Paulo Bacchi

CEO of Artefacto, Paulo Bacchi, Creates A Unique First Collection With Five Eclectic Lines Inspired By Distinct Moods and Settings


When Artefacto CEO Paulo Bacchi designed his first signature collection, Arte | 5 for Artefacto, he wanted to create something natural and warm that engages the five senses, and draws from the sultry climate in both his native Brazil and Miami, where he also resides. “Taking cues from our environment, I created pieces that are sustainable and organic, yet luxurious,” Bacchi says. Natural wood shapes, curvaceous glamour, urban bustle, understated elegance and runway chic, form Canyon, Hollywood 20/40, Metropolitan, Midnight Luxe and Sartoria, five eclectic lines that create inviting spaces to gather. “Conceptualizing a place that is warm and relaxing, that can bring friends and families together, is the most important thing,” Bacchi says.

Question: What first sparked your passion for furniture design?

Answer: Design has always been an important part of my family. My father, Albino Bacchi, began Artefacto in the ‘70s in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I grew up learning the trade, along With carpentry and welding in Artefacto’s main factory.


Question: What inspired you to create Arte | 5?

Answer: I wanted Arte | 5 in particular to be natural and warm, just like Miami Beach. I love the look of raw, organic woods that give the appearance of being untouched. l nicknamed some of the pieces “Miami Beach Blocks,” as a small tribute to this beautiful growing city.

Question: How did you arrive at your signature design for this collection?

Answer: instead of focusing on just design styles throughout the years, we were more interested in capturing a mood or a moment in time — like a 1940’s film noir or a metropolitan city like New York or Paris.


Question: What influences your work today?

Answer: I love to travel, so i am always influenced by the places l have Visited. When i traveled to Vietnam, I noticed these discarded wooden canoes and then converted them into tall, twin eight-foot lamps called “Canoa.”


Question: What excites you most about your new collection?

Answer: The sleek, lightweight fabrics from the Metropolitan furniture line, especially the “Metropolitan Chaise.” The neutral color palette fits well into a loft-like residence.

ABOVE. Paulo Bacchi’s favorite piece from his new collection Arte | 5, the “Legacy Chair,” is a classic piece handsomely updated as a tribute to his father featuring a carbon frame and hand stitching in natural leather.

RIGHT: The “Brasilia Chaise” is part of Metropolitan, a line that echoes the lavish lifestyle of life in a large, bustling city like Miami. It features posh details and fabrics such as plush velvets and opulent silks.

ABOVE. The “Colman Sofa” is part of Midnight Luxe, a series that reflects understated elegance by virtue of chic, geometric silhouettes and tony shades that pop like emerald green.